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Should Your Business be Using Social Media?

Social media tools are easily accessible, cost-effective and (in most cases) easy to use, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of them to promote your business? While on the face of it, the answer to this question seems very simple, there are a few things you must consider first. In this short piece, we look at three key considerations that will help you make strategic decisions for your brand.

Can you commit?

A positive and professional social media presence for your business cannot be created without commitment. Many brands make the mistake of establishing social media pages that, after the novelty value and enthusiasm wear off, become inactive. This does more damage to your brand than not participating in social media at all. How can a potential customer become passionate about your business, if you’re not selling that same passion in the first place?

Do you have a resource?

Commitment requires a resource, responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s social media pages. Most importantly, this must be a trained resource, someone who understands the use of social media for brand development. Selecting the work experience kid, or picking the team member who is always on Facebook, is not good enough, as personal and professional social media use are two very different things.

Do you have a strategy?

The development of a cohesive and structured social media strategy is crucial, and it should be formulated before a single social media account is established. It should include decisions on:

- Which social media platform(s) should your business use?

- What do you want to achieve?

- What type of content will your business generate? - How often will your business post to social media?

- How will you inspire engagement and conversation?

Having a planned approach from the outset will help you build a narrative that can take followers on a journey. It also reflects a professional approach that gives potential customers confidence.

To finish, let’s revisit the original question - should your business be using social media? If your answer is still ‘yes' after considering each of the above questions, then it’s time to get started. If you’re still not sure, it’s the perfect time to find out more! Get in touch here.

Until next time!



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